Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Annie’s Surefire Mosquito Bite Remedy

Tonight I strolled out to work in my garden and to help JP put up rabbit-proof fencing. In the 30 minutes we were outside, I received literally over 100 mosquito bites.

I took a shower as soon as I walked inside. While it curbed the extreme itching a bit, I was still highly uncomfortable. So I quickly fell back to my old mosquito bite remedy: ammonia.
Annie’s Surefire Mosquito Bite Remedy
  • Wet a cotton ball with ammonia.
  • Dab onto all affected areas. (be sure to do this in a well ventilated area.
Most people have never heard of this remedy, yet it works quickly and effectively every time. Ammonia is a base, or alkali, and alkalies neutralize acids. Most bug stings are acid based, like wasp and ant venom. So dabbing ammonia on the sting will help neutralize the acid.
As soon as I finished applying the ammonia, the itching started to dissipate. Within fifteen minutes, the itching of over one hundred mosquito bites was gone.
This remedy has worked for our family for years. Most insect bite remedies that are sold in stores are ammonia based. Our family carries small tubes of an over-the-counter version called Afterbite with us in each vehicle, in my purse, and in our first aid kit. It comes in a great travel size, and can be purchased in any drug store. I find ours at Walgreens.
Afterbite also comes in a children’s version as well. We have used it on Little Bug for years, with excellent results.
 Little Bug is allergic to mosquito bites, so we must act quickly to keep her from having a very serious reaction. Ever since we have used the ammonia remedy, Little Bug no longer has the huge swelling and hives that were so common in the early years.
I hope this post helps y’all in your battle against mosquitoes this season. Enjoy your time outdoors, and make sure to pack the ammonia.

I am in no way getting paid to endorse Afterbite. I just happen to think it is a great product when you are on the go and need to treat mosquito bites.
“ The man is happiest who lives from day to day and asks no more, garnering the simple goodness of life.” ~Euripides.


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  1. I have over 100 bites now, I'm willing to try this..Thanks